Explained: What is Tata Neu?

Tata Neu App
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Tata Digital, the digital arm of Indian conglomerate Tata Group, has launched Tata Neu in India. The company is promoting it as a Super App offering product commerce, service commerce, and financial services in one single place.

You might have seen the Tata Neu advertisement in the ongoing Tata IPL 2022. If you wonder what Tata Neu is, what service it offers, and should you be using it, you are at the right place. Here, we have explained everything you should know about Tata Neu.

What is Tata Neu?

Credit: Ratnesh Kumar/Fossbytes

Tata Neu is a newly launched super app by Tata Digital. The app aims to bring different consumer-centric Tata brands into one place. It includes popular brands like Croma, Tata Cliq, Westside, Bigbasket, 1mg, AirAsia, and IHCL hotels within one app. Tata is promoting the app as the one to give you services from Fashion to Finance, Gadgets to Groceries, Hotels to Health, and Tech to Travel.

What are the benefits of Tata Neu?

You might be thinking you were already using the services of various Tata brands, then why should you use Tata Neu? What is its benefit? With Tata Neu, the company is trying to offer a cross-category shopping experience. 

The availability of a vast catalog of Tata brands means Tata Neu users can purchase clothes from Tata CliQ or Westside and purchase smartphones and other gadgets from Croma. The users can also order their groceries using BigBasket. One can also order medicines and get health checkups using 1mg.

When traveling, users can book a flight with AirAsia and a luxurious stay at an IHCL hotel. Not just users will get these services under one app, Tata Neo will give them a loyalty program, exclusive benefits, various payment methods, and offers.

What is NeuPass?

Credit: Ratnesh Kumar/Fossbytes

NeuPass is an upcoming membership program in the Tata Neu app. It is a reward program for Tata Neu users. The NeuPass subscribers will get a minimum of 5% cashback in the form of NeuCoins whenever they make a transaction on the Tata Neu app.

What are NeuCoins?

In the What is NeuPass section, we mentioned that NeuPass members would get 5% NeuCoins. Your next question will be: What are NeuCoins? The NeuCoins are cashback offered in the Tata Neu app. 1 NeuCoin is worth INR 1.

Tata Neu users can earn and redeem NeuCoins in all categories available on the app. There is no limit on how much NeoCoins one can earn. You can spend as much as you want, and if you have the NeuPass subscription, you will be entitled to a minimum of 5% cashback in the form of NeuCoins.

What is ‘Stories’? 

Credit: Ratnesh Kumar/Fossbytes

Stories in the Tata Neu app is an in-house digital magazine offered by Tata Neu. In Stories, you will get original content in the technology, fashion, food, and travel niches.

What We Think About Tata Neu App

Before writing this piece, our team at Fossbytes installed the Tata Neu app on their smartphones. We tested the app on both Android and iOS. We find the app has an excellent modern user interface in our testing. It certainly brings services of different categories in one place.

But when we tried to access those services, we were redirected to an in-built web browser instead of opening it in the Tata Neu app. Also, despite taking two years to launch the app, the NeuPass membership program isn’t live yet.

Credit: Ratnesh Kumar/Fossbytes

So, in other words, Tata Neu is a web browser bringing various Tata services in one place. We agree that this is the first version of the app and we might see improvements in the future. But as of now, there is no such strong reason to start using the Tata Neu app.

What do you guys think about the Tata Neu app? Will you be using it instead of keeping individual apps? Do let us know in the comments.

FAQs on Tata Neu

What is Tata Neu app?

Tata Neu app is a super app by Tata Digital. It brings all the consumer-facing Tata Brands under one umbrella.

Who owns Tata Neu?

Tata Digital the digital arm of Tata Group owns Tata Neu app.

How do you get Tata Neu coins?

You can get Tata Neu coins by doing transactions on the Tata Neu app. If you have the Tata NeuPass, you will get a minimum of 5% cashback in the form of TataNeu coins.

Who is making Tata super app?

Tata Digital is making the Tata super app. The company has been working on the project for the last two years and is finally launched as Tata Neu.

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