Tanmay, World’s Youngest IBM Watson Programmer, Started Coding At The Age Of Five

tanmay bakshi
tanmay bakshi

tanmay bakshiShort Bytes: Today, I’m going to tell you about 12-year-old app developer Tanmay Bakshi, who is making headlines after his recent talk at IBM Developer Connect In Bengaluru. He has developed an IBM Watson-based algorithm named AskTanmay, which is also the world’s first Web-Based NLQA system.

Tanmay Bakshi, who lives in Canada, is the world’s youngest IBM Watson programmer. To my surprise, he started coding at a very young age of five.

Tanmay has developed an algorithm called “AskTanmay”, which is designed by taking assistance from IBM Watson’s cognitive APIs. It’s the world’s first Web-Based NLQA system.

During his address at the developer conference, he showed how AskTanmay solves queries pertaining to ‘Person,’ ‘Organisation,’ ‘Location,’ or ‘Date’ type.

Tanmay has even open sourced his app to make it more accessible to his fellow developers.

Ever since publishing his first iOS app on the App Store, he has learned new technologies at an exponential rate, becoming fluent in today’s all major programming languages.

He is currently in seventh grade and a co-author of a book called Hello Swift, which teaches the basics of iOS coding to the young learners.

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You can watch Tanmay’s talk below:

Tanmay also loves to share his knowledge via his YouTube channel Tanmay Teaches that hosts more than 80 solution videos.

Currently, Tanmay is working to develop a way to make Apple Watch work independently from the iPhone, an application to help devs and students find algorithms, and a couple of other iOS apps.

“I want to become a better developer, write more books, deliver more keynote addresses and share my knowledge through my YouTube channel,” he says.

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