GCC 7.1 Released With New Features — Marks 30th Anniversary Of GCC 1.0

gcc compiler 7.1

Short Bytes: GNU’s Jakub Jelinek has announced the release of GCC 7.1, which is the first stable release of GCC 7. This major release also marks the 30th anniversary of first stable GCC release. Talking about the new features, there’s experimental C++17 support, improvements in optimizers, emitted diagnostics, and Address Sanitizer, etc. You can download GCC 7.1 compiler from GNU servers.

GNU has announced the stable release of GNU Compiler Collection 7 (GCC 7), which has been marked with the release of GCC 7.1. This month, the 30-year anniversary of GCC 1.0 will also be celebrated.

Without further delay, let’s brief you with the new features of GCC 7.1 open-source and free compiler:

GCC 7.1 new features and changes

Experimental C++17 support

GNU Compiler Collection 7.1 brings the experimental support for all of the current C++17 drafts. “-std=c++1z and -std=gnu++1z options, and the libstdc++ library has most of the C++17 draft library features implemented too,” the release announcement adds.

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Improvements in optimizers

Thanks to the improvements in optimizers, changes have been made in intra- and inter-procedural optimizations, link time optimizations, and various target backends, etc. Changes have also been made to store merging pass, code hoisting optimization, loop splitting, and shrink wrapping.

Improvements in the emitted diagnostics

After changes in emitted diagnostics, improvements can be seen in locations, location ranges, misspelled identifier suggestions, fix-it hints, and option names.

OpenMP 4.5 offloading to Nvidia PTX GPGPUs

Now one can configure GCC for OpenMP 4.5 offloading to Nvidia PTX GPGPUs.

Address Sanitizer improvements

After leaving their scope, the Address sanitizer can now report use of variables.

Other changes

Merging of RISC-V port, support for Google’s Fuchsia OS, dropping of Java (GCJ), Go 1.8 support, etc.

Read the GCC 7.1 changelog for the complete set of changes.

Download GCC 7.1

GCC 7.1 can be downloaded from GNU’s FTP servers. You can find the release in gcc/gcc-7.1.0/ subdirectory.

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