‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Plot Details Teased By The Director

Squid Game
Image: Netflix

Squid Game created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, which was struggling financially for over a decade, was eventually picked up by Netflix as the streaming service sought to expand its international content. The show, set in South Korea, follows a group of 456 debt-ridden people who are forced to compete in a series of lethal children’s games in order to win an astronomical cash prize.

After premiering in September 2021, to widespread acclaim, it quickly became Netflix’s most-watched series in over 94 countries. Squid Game season 2 was officially confirmed in June after winning a number of awards and receiving fourteen Emmy nominations.

While Hwang has remained tight-lipped about season 2 plot details, Lee Jung-Jae is set to return as the show’s leading protagonist Gi-hun, who turned down a flight to reunite him with his daughter in the season finale in order to pursue the organizers of the eponymous Squid Game.

Squid Game season 2 plot details

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hwang revealed a little more about what Squid Game season 2 might hold for viewers. Hwang explained that the new episodes will once again focus on Gi-hun and will follow him on his new mission to prove that we are all human and have an inherent capacity for good. He said:

That is the biggest challenge in season 2. He [Gi-hun] begins where we left him at the end of the first season. So, the fact that I can’t carry that level of character arc is a huge challenge. Without giving away any spoilers, there is that line that Gi-hun says in the last episode: ‘I’m not a horse and I’m curious to know who did this to us.’ It’s going to be about that journey and Gi-hun proving we are, indeed, not horses; we are all human. And the fact that we all hold goodness, the essence of humanity, at heart.

Other details about Squid Game season 2 are kept under the wraps. But Hwang’s comments back up his previous claim that story hints could be found hidden in season 1. He also hinted that Gi-hun might be thrown back into the Squid Game arena in some capacity, as he promised the introduction of new games and characters.

Though little is known about any new cast members, Hwang previously stated that Gi-hun would return alongside The Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) and the salesman (Gong Yoo), with the return of HoYeon Jung teased in the form of a twin to her original character, Kang Sae-byeok.

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