Sony And Honda EV To Take On Tesla By Putting A PS5 In The Car

sony ps5 honda electric car EV

Sony and Honda are considering putting a PS5 into an electric vehicle (EV). The Sony Honda Mobility joint venture seeks to build an entertainment-focused electric vehicle to challenge Tesla. One of the other goals of this joint venture includes advancements in autonomous driving.

Speaking to Financial Times, Izumi Kawanishi, the COO of Sony Honda Mobility, said that it’s technically possible for Sony to integrate the PS5 into the car it intends to build. According to him, the venture will focus on a premium entertainment experience to win customers over Tesla.

Tesla has also fitted Model S and X EVs with a large screen, AMD’s Ryzen processor, and a discrete AMD RDNA 2 GPU. In a past demo, Tesla CEO Elon Musk even compared the power of its infotainment system with PS5-level performance. However, Musk’s promise to run Cyberpunk 2077 at 60 FPS has yet to be fulfilled.

Sony And Honda to build entertainment-focused EVs

Sony’s Vision-S concept

On the other hand, Sony and Honda are planning to compete with Tesla through an entertainment-focused electric car. According to Mizuno, “The goal is to develop a car as hardware that will cater to the entertainment and network we would like to offer.”

The Sony and Honda joint venture plan to deliver the first EVs by 2026, with pre-orders beginning in 2025. Mizuno also stated, “Sony has content, services, and entertainment technologies that move people. We are adapting these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla.”

The joint venture was established in October this year to build EVs and advance autonomous driving. The COO of the venture admitted that fully autonomous driving isn’t quite there yet and will have to evolve further to achieve its vision. Both companies would have to catch up to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving, which is running on over 160,000 cars today.

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