You Can Get $200 On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 And Flip4 If You Reserve It Now

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Image: Smartprix/Onleaks

Samsung is soon launching its much-awaited Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4. The phones are up for preorder, along with the Galaxy Watch 5 and Buds 2 Pro. The launch is scheduled at the Galaxy Unpacked event, set to take place on 10th August.

The device will hit the market on 26 August, and the same applies to the smartwatch and earbuds. If you want to make a reservation, you can do so before 10 August; after that, you will not get the bonuses you would before.

Samsung reservation program benefits

You might be wondering, what bonuses? Usually, Samsung offers certain perks for reserving your phone early, which will be the same now. If you reserve the Galaxy Watch and Buds bundle, you will receive an $80 credit.

On the other hand, reserving the smartphone and watch will get you $150. Meanwhile, the smartphone and Galaxy buds will result in a $130 credit. Samsung enthusiasts, who reserve the Galaxy watch, buds, and smartphone as a bundle, will receive as much as $200 credit.

There will also be credits for reservations, as you will get $100 for the Galaxy smartphone, $50 for the watch, and $30 for the Buds. The tech giant has also offered trade-ins and impressive trade-in values.

How to reserve the Samsung Galaxy Fold4

If all the talk has gotten you excited, then you’d be delighted to know that reserving the phone ahead of its launch is very easy. You must go onto Samsung’s reservation website or open the official Shop Samsung app and fill out details in the form.

The best part is that this is a no-commitment offer, meaning there is no need to put down any money; all you will need is your name and email address. Samsung will send you an email to confirm your reservation, and that’s pretty much it.

Samsung’s early reservation program is its way of increasing interest in upcoming devices and also allows the company to make adjustments to its supply chain. The program lets users book a slot and a notification for when the smartphone preorders start, along with discounts, credits (as mentioned above), and gifts.

If you don’t want to purchase the device afterward, you are free to do so, but you will miss out on the bonuses.

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