Raspberry Pi Foundation And CoderDojo Are Creating World’s Biggest Coding Group

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Short Bytes: The Raspberry Pi Foundation and CoderDojo have joined hands to create one of the biggest coding school networks in the world. Both these organizations are already running coding groups and helping thousands of students. This partnership aims at introducing the power of coding and computing to a larger audience.

Single board computer Raspberry Pi is one of the most impressive computing world success stories of the recent times. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has shipped a record number of computers to bring the power of coding and computing to school and coding groups.

CoderDojo, a volunteer-based initiative, that has become a global movement with more than 1,250 clubs. CoderDojo has its presence in 69 countries and helps more than 35,000 coding enthusiasts learn something new.

The Raspberry Foundation has partnered with CoderDojo to combine their resources.  Talking to Wired, the organization’s founder Eben Upton said that this partnership creates the biggest global organization for promoting programming.

This partnership’s combined statement states that they’ll invest more in the infrastructure and systems to offer a wider range of products and services to learning communities.

After the partnership, the CodingDojo Foundation will continue to operate as an independent charity, based in Ireland. In other words, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is becoming a corporate member of the CodingDojo Foundation. You can know more about by reading the complete statement.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is already working with Code Club to teach 9-11-year-olds the coding basics. Currently, there are about 10,000 Code Clubs in the world.

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