Here Are 5 Questions To Always Ask In A Job Interview

Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

Job interviews aren’t something most of us look forward to. They’re usually your reward for a job search. Moreover, it can be long, tricky, and peppered with rejection. It’s no fun not even getting a recruiter call for a job you know you’d be great at. When you finally get through an interview, it can be tempting to assume that much of the work is done.

With the stress of job hunting, it can be easy to forget that not only is a company looking to see if you’re right for them. You should also make sure that you want to love working there. A few key questions to ask at the end of the interview is a great way to find out some information. It will help you decide if this company is the right fit for you.

Five questions in job interview that you should ask

1. What is the company culture like?

If the reply you get is positive and upbeat, that’s a sign of an open, happy workplace. If your interviewer seems stumped or struggles to answer, it could be a red flag.

2. How has your career path changed since you joined?

If your interviewer has been there a while and is still in the same position, there may not be a lot of internal promotion happening. If they have progressed swiftly, that suggests better prospects for your career. 

3. Is this a new role, or will I be replacing someone who is leaving?

If it’s a new role, you can follow up by asking what resources you can expect to have and the expectations for it. If you’re replacing someone, why is the person leaving? These responses could give interesting insight into staff turnover and team resourcing.

4. Who will I report to, and who else will I be working with?

This answer could be key for you if you prefer to work in a very flat structure and you’re interviewing for a role at a company with a lot of layers of people to answer to. Finding a fit for the way you want to work is really important. 

5. What has been your biggest challenge or success this year?

This is useful to ask as the answer will allow you to understand what the company considers problems and solutions, and you can benchmark your abilities against them.

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The Lead UI/UX Designer role requires outstanding technical knowledge of the processes and tools for designing and creating in-game UI design and art. It also requires experience directing and coordinating with others in the creation of all types of UI/UX deliverables.

You’ll lead UI/UX design development across projects and features. It will drive design processes within the department and in coordination with external stakeholders. Specialized training in graphic and interactive design from a four-year program or an equivalent level of UI design experience is required. This also includes more than five years of professional experience designing for games and/or interactive media. Apply now.

Senior Data Engineer, Rockstar Games

Rockstar San Diego is seeking a Senior Data Engineer. The role is to join a team focused on building a cutting-edge game analytics platform and tools to better understand its players and enhance their experience in its games.

You’ll excel in developing complex ingestion and transformation processes with an emphasis on reliability and performance. It will implement and maintain real-time and batch Data Models. Moreover, you will need five-plus years’ of work experience with data modeling, business intelligence, and machine learning on big data architectures. It also requires more than two years of experience with the Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Spark, Oozie, Impala, etc.) and big data ecosystems. Apply now.

Staff DevOps Engineer – Big Data & Deployment – Federal, ServiceNow

The Staff DevOps Engineer – Big Data & Deployment is part of the big data team. It will play a critical and strategic role. It will also ensure that ServiceNow can exceed the availability and performance SLAs of the ServiceNow Platform-powered Customer instances, which are deployed across the ServiceNow and Azure clouds.

You’ll be responsible for deploying, production monitoring, maintaining, and supporting extensive data infrastructure and applications on cloud environments. In addition, you will need 12-plus years of experience with at least seven years as a big data DevOps or deployment engineer. You will need demonstrated expert-level experience in delivering end-to-end deployment automation. As a result, it will leverage Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, or similar technologies. Apply now.

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– By Kirstie McDermott, Senior Content Manager, Amply 

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