What Is A User Interface (UI)?

What's in the UI?


A user interface, usually called UI, is an interface that means users can interact with software and hardware. A user interface is in place to make interactions with the device “user-friendly.” Also, it is the first impression of software from the user’s point of view.

In simpler terms, the goal of the interaction is to operate and control the said device effectively. The UI contains various elements to ease user interaction.

Various types of User Interfaces

types of ui

A UI creation consists of layers of interaction for the user to control a machine. This includes the usage of both input and output devices. There can be various types of user interfaces for different functions:

  • Form-driven interface: A UI created to enter data or feed information to a program via a form.
  • Command-line interface: An interface to interact with a program using a command-line terminal.
  • Graphical interface: A basic interface involving user input to get a visual output.
  • Menu-driven interface: An interface that contains a set of menus or lists to navigate and control a program.
  • Touch or audio interface: An interface that makes use of touch or voice to control a program or machine.

User Interface Design

ui design

User interface design, also called UI design, is the esthetic design of all the visual elements of a software’s user interface. Likewise, this is how the software or the entire product’s presentation and interaction occurs. UI design is often confused with UX design or user experience design. All in all, UX design is the process of increasing user experience.

Important UI elements

Finally, a UI’s elements are a crucial part of UI design. This is what a user interacts with. That is to say, here are some of the crucial elements of an interface:

  • Input controls
  • Navigation components
  • Informational components
  • Containers

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