PUBG Mobile Is Adding New Icy 'Cold Front Survival' Mode

PUBG Mobile has been teasing ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode on its social media accounts. However, there’s no confirmation if PUBG Mobile’s ‘Cold Front Survival’ is, in reality, a mode or a new map entirely. Nevertheless, fans think that possibility of ‘Cold Front Survival’ being a new PUBG mode is much higher.

The social media posts by official PUBG Mobile account confirms that ‘Cold Front Survival’ is coming on April 16.

PUBG Mobile posted several pictures teasing ‘Cold Front Survival.’ Most of these posts come with one-line descriptions like “Things are getting a bit…chilly here” and Chicken Dinners for survival!”  So, it’s for sure that it will take us to an icy region, maybe to a snowy version of Erangel or the existing snowy Vikendi map.

Interestingly, one post by PUBG Mobile also teases the use of drones in the icy regions of Cold Front Survival.

The use of drones looks directly inspired by PUBG Mobile’s biggest rival, Call of Duty: Mobile. So, it could be interesting to see how PUBG Mobile makes the use of drones more interesting.

In addition to all that, PUBG Mobile India went one step ahead by teasing a brand new item for ‘Cold Front Survival.’

Other than the picture, PUBG Mobile India didn’t give a hint on what this new item could be. However, most PUBG players predict that this new item could be a ‘heat pack,” which will allow players to survive the extreme cold.

Nevertheless, with PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival launching on April 16, it’s only a couple of days before all our queries get answered.

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