You Could Soon Take WhatsApp Calls On Galaxy Watch 4/5

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Received Major Update: Here's All We Know About It
Image: TechAdvisor/Abubakar Mohammed

Samsung brought Wear OS back in the game with its Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series. The Wear OS market witnessed significant growth last year after Samsung launched its first Wear OS-based wearable. The OS, however, lacked a few features, the most important one being the inability to take WhatsApp calls from the Watch. However, that will be changing as Samsung has started rolling out a new version of its dialer on Wear OS that allows you to take WhatsApp calls on Watch 4 and 5.

Accept WhatsApp calls from Galaxy Watch 4/5

Reddit user u/Jotta_Morales posted a screenshot of his Watch 4 displaying the call details, labeling it as “WhatsApp,” and displaying the Accept and Decline sliders.

The OP suggests that the feature appeared after updating WhatsApp to its latest beta version. However, it’s quite possible that this has less to do with the WhatsApp app on your device and more to do with the Samsung dialer on your Watch. A Redditor was able to see this while being on the stable WhatsApp release, indicating that the feature isn’t related to the app on your phone. That said, here’s how to check for updates for Samsung apps on the Watch 4.

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap Apps.

3. Scroll down and tap Samsung app updates.

4. If you haven’t already accepted the Samsung Store terms and conditions, tap “Accept.”

5. It will then begin searching for updates. If you see that an update for Dialer is available, tap it to begin updating.

If you don’t see any updates, it is possible that the Watch auto-updated the dialer. In that case, ask someone to call you on WhatsApp and check if the updated call screen appears.

A few months ago, Samsung also added the much-awaited Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4. However, our experience using the same has been far from desirable.

What features are you the most excited to see in future updates? Let us know in the comment section below.

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