Switch To Bing Search, Because Microsoft Is “Paying You To Use It”

Microsoft Rewards Bing
What can a company do to defeat a search engine as big as Google? Well, Microsoft might have come up with an apparently foolproof idea to bribe netizens for ditching Google.

Well, it’s not a bribe per se but a Microsoft Rewards program which the company has been running in the US since August 2016. Now, the scheme is being released in the United Kingdom.

As part of Microsoft Rewards program, a user gets 3 points for making a Bing search, 1 point per pound spent on the Microsoft Store online. To earn more points, you can participate in various quizzes as well.

An individual user can earn a maximum of 30 points per day. That’s 10 searches per day if you don’t make any purchases. Microsoft will double the number of points earned until August 15. However, if you use Edge browser to make those searches and other things, the bar raises to 60 points per day.

You won’t be getting any real money but these points can be redeemed to get freebies like Xbox gift cards, free movies, Skype credits, Groove music passes, etc. According to Wired, the larger prize included in Microsoft’s scheme is a guest appearance in Charli XCX’s new music video.

A user can get to the second level if he manages to cross 500 points in a month. Then he will able to score a maximum of 150 points per day and also unlock more ways to earn reward points.

So, this is Microsoft’s strategy to make Bing stand against Google Search. Maybe, they could succeed or maybe it’s just a waste of money. I don’t think Bing is so inefficient that Microsoft has to run a loyalty program to promote the search engine. But according to the April 2017 numbers by Statistica, Google ruled the search space in the UK with 85.74% share, where Bing could only manage a meagre 10.07%, thus highlighting the need for such a program.

Microsoft Rewards program will be further rolled out in Canada, Germany, and France. Check out the Rewards program using this link.

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