All We Know About Windows 9

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According to a leaked file reported by PCAdvisor and Neowin, the Windows 9 OS from Microsoft is scheduled to release in 2nd-3rd quarter of 2015. But tech analysts are placing their bets on an early release date for beta version in the end of 2014.

So Windows 9, also being called Threshold, is going to be alive on your PCs very soon.

Windows 9 is expected to ditch the charm bar, will be bringing back the Start menu along with the ability to use Windows 8′s Modern apps as floating windows on the desktop itself. The hint of absence of charm bar has already started generating a positive buzz in the industry.

Neowin also reported the arrival of virtual desktop on Windows, the feature Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux users have had since forever.

Microsoft is also planning to integrate Cortana – the voice-powered digital assistant from Windows Phone 8.1 in the next release according to report.

Windows 8 was a shift towards the mobile computing focusing mainly on touch devices and tablets. It also took forward the One OS for all devices by hinting same experience on mobile devices, tablets as well as personal computers. Windows 9 is expected to adopt the same philosophy along with aiming for a more balanced performance and capability on large screens as well as small devices.

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