“WTF” iPhone X Issues: Green Line Of Death And Cold Weather Freezing

iphone x issues problems green line of death
While Apple enthusiasts are struggling to get their hands on the newly released iPhone X, which is in a limited demand. Apart from working to maintaining the phone’s demand, Apple is also facing some iPhone X issues and some of them are very weird.

“Green line of death” issue

The first issue deals with a green line which appears on the new OLED display. I’ve come across many users sharing their issues on Reddit, Twitter, and Apple Support forums.

The thin and green bright vertical line is appearing on the right edge of the users smartphones. Some users are also reporting a completely blacked out screen that wouldn’t turn back on. A handful of affected devices are also witnessing the green line of death on the left side of the screen.

At this moment, it’s not clear if it’s a hardware issue, or something can be done by pushing a software update. We can hope to hear from Apple soon in the upcoming days and expect a green line of death fix for iPhone X.

Cold weather problem

Another issue which came into the limelight a couple of days earlier makes iPhone X unresponsive in cold weather. The issue, which first gained attention on iPhone subreddit, made the iPhone X keyboard and touchscreen unfunctional.

As per a user, the problem seems to appear in the -2 to 5 degrees Celcius temperature. In its statements, Apple has said that they’re aware of the issue and it’ll be addressed in an upcoming software update.

Some users have also suggested the locking and unlocking of the device fixes the issue temporarily. Whatever might be the case, we’re hoping that Apple fixes this iPhone X cold weather freezing issue soon.

Are you facing some weird issues with your iPhone X? Don’t forget to share it with us and become a part of the conversations.

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