iPhone 12-Like Face ID Repairs Are Coming To iPhone X

Full repairability is still a long way to go for the iPhone.

iPhone X is part of Face ID Repair Program
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Apple introduced a Face ID repair program last month. It allowed the repairing of Face ID on newer iPhones without replacing the device. The initial program covered iPhone XS and later models. Sadly, It did not include the first iPhone launched with Face ID, the iPhone X. The initial memo excluded the iPhone X model.

Within a month, Apple has changed its decision, and the new Face ID repair program also includes iPhone X. It means all the iPhones having Face ID are repairable now. The service center will no longer replace your iPhone for a faulty Face ID.

iPhone X Face ID repair

iPhone X
Credit: Canva

Now all the Apple Store and authorized service centers will have access to the complicated TrueDepth camera system parts. The technicians can use those parts and repair Face ID on all the iPhone models. Earlier, if you visited an Apple Store with an iPhone with a faulty Face ID, the only option available was to ask for a replacement.

For someone whose iPhone was in warranty, getting a new iPhone in replacement was exciting. Still, a replacement is costly if your iPhone is out of warranty. However, iPhones are still far from being fully repairable. For instance, Apple still offers replacement if you damage your Lightning port, which is one of the most used parts of the iPhone.

However, If you face issues with your Face ID on your iPhone X, you can now visit your nearest Apple Store, and they will repair it for you. What do you think about Apple bringing the Face ID program and adding the iPhone X to the list? Do let us know in the comments.

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