iPhones Are 167 Times More Prone To Hacking Than Other Brands: Study


UK-based phone case company Case24.com has conducted a research which concludes that iPhones are 167 times more prone to hacking as compared to other brands. The report analyzed the monthly search volume data from Google in the UK, which was based on the number of users searching for hacking a smartphone brand or app.

The company found that almost 10,040 users are searching for “how to hack iPhones” as compared to hacking Samsung smartphones, which stood second in the list with just 700 searches.

LG, Sony, and Nokia were the brands that were searched the least. For instance, people looking for something like “How to hack a Sony smartphone” had only 50 searches.

When it comes to apps, 12,310 Britishers searched for hacking someone’s Instagram account, whereas, Snapchat appeared second on the list.

most hacked apps study

According to the study, “Instagram account is 16 times more likely to be hacked than your Netflix account.”

The tech experts who conducted the study did not reveal the risk factors and vulnerabilities that could be used to hack an iPhone.

We agree that the claims based on the methodology used in the study aren’t pretty convincing. However, we have seen recently how iPhone became the target for hackers but Apple released iOS updates proactively to patch the bugs. Earlier this year, Google revealed how websites have been hacking iPhones for years.

To evade any hacking attempt, we recommend our users to keep your iPhones and other devices updated.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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