Internet Rivals Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter Coming Together to Remove Child Porn


child_pornography_mgnShort Bytes: Silicon Valley giants Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter are working with Britain’s Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to implement a new system to detect and block images of child pornography online.

The tech giants Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter have come together to address the issue of child pornography in association with Britain’s Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in a bid to remove all images relating to child pornography online.

IWF, a watch body and a charitable organization, has developed a technology that keeps a record of sexual abuse with distinct hashes. These hashes when assigned to a particular image, help to identify specific images, thereby reporting such pictures online.

This technology will help to scan all the images that are uploaded on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the websites that are participating in this effort. IWF plans to extend the idea to a lot more websites soon, thereby extending its network. Once an image is tagged, the system detects the hash and blocks the image, thereby preventing sharing of such images.

This move has come after Google’s serious concerns about such issue were raised, let’s hope that the joint efforts of these tech giants can help in eliminating the evil of child pornography.

It should be noted that recently Google and Bing decided to ban revenge porn from their search results and took steps to delete it from their database.

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Aprajita Tripathi

Aprajita Tripathi

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