Google Finally Removes ‘Revenge Porn’ From Search Results



For people who have been hit by the menace of revenge porn, a recent announcement by Google will bring some relief. Google has decided to remove “revenge porn” from its search results.

The company said that anyone whose nude and sexual images and videos have been posted online without his/her consent, could approach Google for removing them just by filling up a form. This step was much awaited after other significant companies like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter had already banned revenge porn.

In an age when the internet doesn’t let people forget anything and the user’s security online is greatly threatened, such measures by the tech companies is expected to address the victims of revenge porn.

Calling revenge porn images intensely personal and emotionally damaging, Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, hoped to address the victim’s agony through this step.

revenge3The laws governing revenge porn are deeply scattered and have glaring loopholes across the world. For Example- In India the laws on such issues are at a very nascent stage and have ambiguities, hence such step by the tech companies will allow the victims to take a recourse even in cases where the state and federal laws do not provide enough redressal.

Although Google has announced this measure, the policy is not entirely flawless. The new policy will involve filling out an online form but the verification process required to remove the images has not yet been disclosed, Also, Google will not block the well known revenge porn websites but just the individual images complained of.

We hope that such measure helps preventing the destruction of careers, relationships and the lives of the victims.

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