How We “See” a Black Hole, Even Though It’s Invisible


how-do-we-see-a-black-holeShort Bytes: How do we “see” a black hole when it doesn’t give off any light? Today, we’ll tell you the answers.

Black holes are one of the most mystifying space creatures. As the name suggests, black holes are “black” with massive gravitational pull and they don’t give off any light.

So, how do we ever “see” a black hole, even when they are basically invisible?

In this 1-minute long video, Brian Greene explains how we are able to locate a black hole.

He explains by giving the example of a black hole at the center of a galaxy, where the stars are seen whipping around it. The black hole itself remains invisible, but it’s the reason why these stars get this much velocity.

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The existence of a black hole is confirmed at the center of galaxies as it’s the only object that has such massive gravitational pull. Therefore, we believe that a black hole exists at the center of our galaxy with stars rotating around it.

Watch the video below:

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