Do You Also See A Woman On Mars? Curse Your Brain and Internet

woman on mars
woman on mars
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Short Bytes: Do you see faces in the trees at night or the woman on Mars in the recent NASA’s Curiosity rover photos? Well, as you already know that there had been no evidence of life found on Mars as of yet, and your mind is feeding on your fear because there is no one on the tree either. Then why does it happen? Read the article to know more.

Perception is one of the best assets of the human brain. The ability to become aware, understand and then comprehending our senses for each information is what makes human a better species on Earth.

But, don’t trust your brain (and internet) too much. Your brain tricks you more often than you think. Do you frequently see faces on the trees at night? Or, does a particular stain or cracks on the wall resemble any unholy figure? It might also happen that all of your friends visualize different patterns in a gibberish script whereas you notice nothing. For all this, you have only your brain to blame. These are the certain disadvantages of perception.

The human brain at its estimated upper limit is 30 times more powerful than the IBM’s monster supercomputer Sequoia, but it still is affected by your psychology, i.e. your mind and behavior. No doubt, the Internet is always filled with mind confusing stuff such as the mysterious color dress which broke the Internet.

Right now, there are the photos sent by the NASA’s Curiosity rover of the woman on Mars that have led to the speculations in certain Internet factions that our Red neighbor has mysterious aliens and pyramids on its surface. People claiming to see faces on Mars and Moon, and the increased sightings of UFOs just only after the alien concept was released, explains the psychology fact.


This unrealistic perception of the human brain can be attributed to the psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia. It is a common tendency of the human brain to search for “something or anything” familiar even in utter chaos.

The reality and imagination often drift in opposite directions inside our brain.

In the video below by Hank Green in the episode of SciShow, Hank describes the psychological phenomenon and how the scientists have been doing various studies on pareidolia. The studies reveal that people who recognize faces and even their emotions in random pictures and designs had spikes in their brain activities.


The people already think that they are seeing someone or something and after that the brain starts its deception. After that, they tend to visualize and relate their images to the information that they already have, like a familiar face.

Also, there are certain people who are more prone to experiencing pareidolia. Check out the video below and know more about why do you see rabbits, clowns, and sometimes even yourself in the clouds.

Do you find the woman on mars familiar? Tell us in the comments below.


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