Hulu Down: Many Users Report “Service Is Not Working For Them”

Hulu Down Many Users Report Service Is Not Working For Them

Wondering why you can’t log in to your Hulu account or the streaming platform suddenly stopped working for you? Well, it might be the case that the streaming platform is facing difficulties with its servers. As reported by many users, Hulu is currently down and unavailable.

A real-time monitoring tool Downdetector has also shown Hulu as inoperational as of now. So, for many users, it might not be their internet connection that’s causing difficulties in logging in to their Hulu accounts.

As per Downdetector, the streaming platform is majorly facing issues in regions like Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and some parts of Boston. Meanwhile, many users have been reporting issues like Hulu live TV freezing during the broadcast while many not being able to log in to their accounts.

While the streaming platform has not addressed the issue on its Twitter account as of now, and since the issue is isolated, we’re expecting the Hulu down to be resolved within a reasonable amount of time.

hulu down downdetector
Screengrab: Downdetector

Furthermore, according to this image (courtesy of Downdetector), the first spike is reported around 12:00 PM, making the issue fresh. While we’re hopeful the issue will get resolved soon, we’ll make sure to keep our readers updated as to why Hulu was down.

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