Huawei Could Sign ‘No Backdoor’ Agreement With India For 5G


India, the second-largest cellular market, is set to roll out 5G in upcoming years. The first step in the process is organizing is an auction for 5G airwaves in which several OEMs will participate. The participation of Huawei, the China-based smartphone maker, in the auction is uncertain owing to security threats. India has not taken any decision whether to allow or ban Huawei from the 5G trials.

Amidst the security concerns, a report by Reuters says that Huawei has agreed to sign a “No backdoor” agreement with India to participate in the action.

The U.S. authorities banned Huawei from using America-based technologies and supplying its 5G hardware, citing security reasons. Huawei was also accused of including backdoors in its equipment.

Jay Chen (Huawei’s CEO of its India operations) said in an interview that the company wants to work with Indian authorities to clear their stand on Huawei’s inclusion in 5G rollout.

Chen said, “If the government wants, we are open to having the source codes in an escrow account.” He also added that Huawei is also open to the idea of manufacturing equipment locally to alleviate any security concern.

In August, China issued a warning to impose “reverse sanctions” on India if the country decided to ban Huawei from conducting business in India.

We’re still awaiting the Indian government’s decision. The decision will depend upon a lot of factors as Huawei has faced a ban not only in the US but in New Zealand and Australia as well.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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