How to Hack Amazon Dash Buttons To Do Anything

how to hack amazon dash button
how to hack amazon dash button

how-to-hack-amazon-dash-buttonShort Bytes: A researcher has recently demonstrated an easy Amazon Dash Button hack. By following some simple steps, you can use this tiny device, used to order stuff from Amazon, to do almost anything. Watch the hacking video ahead and know more about it.

Amazon’s Dash Button is a tiny WiFi-enabled device that you can use for buying more detergent or other household stuff at a push of a button. However, the co-founder and CTO of the software firm Cloudstitch Ted Benson recently demonstrate how to hack them to do anything. This handy convenient little gadget could be hacked using a script in programming language Python.

Benson has recently posted some detailed instructions on Medium describing how to perform this Amazon Dash Button hack. Every time you push the button, it would make its purchase. But to save battery, they turn off after making the purchase. So, every time you press the button, the button boots up and connects to your network.

These buttons consist of just a WiFi radio and a battery. In his post, Benson explains how he was able to search the button on his WiFi network and get it MAC address. Using this, Benson detected each time Amazon Dash Button connected to the network and then he logged every activity in a Google Spreadsheet and thus created a database of requirement events.

Benson avoided the bills of ordering stuff by disabling the link between the button and a required product. To do this, while setting up the Amazon Dash Button, you need to ensure that you’ve setup the button not to order something. So, he was able to convert this Amazon’s ordering gadget into an IoT device of his own choice. Here’s the detailed post on Medium describing how he did it.

Here’s the video detailing the process of this Amazon Dash Button hack:

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