How To Get Your Hacked Facebook Account Back? Buy a $299 Oculus VR Headset

It feels good to always stay connected with your loved ones on social media, doesn’t it? The places you’ve been to, the photos and videos you share, the creative posts you create, like, or share, our accounts are home to countless memories. However, no matter which platform you use, hackers can ruin the show.

A recent story of Angela McNamara, a resident of Hamilton, Ontario, gives us a glimpse of what one might experience when trying to retrieve their hacked Facebook account (spoiler: It’s not a smooth process) and how she spent $299 to do the same.

Facebook: When no “Face” in the company helped

Angela McNamara received an email warning that read, “Someone is trying to log in, and if this is not you, don’t worry, we’re keeping your account safe.” Later, she received another email that her password had been changed and two-factor authentication has been set up. At this point, she knew the account is gone.

As reported by NPR, another victim Jessie Marsala, said that she did what any hacking victim would do, contact Facebook support, but there were no service phone numbers nor email. She then tried calling Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, to which the prerecorded recording said, “Unfortunately, we do not offer phone support at this time.”

Well, these are just a couple of cases. Every month, a lot of accounts get hacked. People try to get them back, but Facebook’s automated process would offer no way to talk to a real Facebook service executive.

Pay $299 to get hacked Facebook account back

People found a way to reach out via the Facebook helpline set up for Oculus Quest 2 VR customers. Yes, the only way they could reach out is by purchasing the $300 headset and verifying the same. And you might not believe it, but a bunch of users did the same and returned it as soon as they got accounts back.

However, if you’re planning to do the same, some Reddit users have tried doing this, but the support didn’t help get their accounts restored. It sounds ridiculous that Facebook, being such a huge firm, doesn’t have a reliable service hotline that people can contact and get help regarding their accounts.

The bottom line is, you should always be prepared for the worse when it comes to social media accounts. If you have important photos and any media, posts, comments, or Pages, Facebook allows you to download them by going to Settings -> Your Facebook Information -> Download Your Information -> Select What You Want To Download.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you still use Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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