Google’s AI Learns How To Code Machine Learning Software

Google ai machine learning software
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Short Bytes: A team of researchers at Google Brain AI research group has created an AI system that has designed its own machine learning software. The software that came up with these designs used the power of 800 GPUs. Interestingly, in tests, the software designed by the AI system surpassed the benchmark of the software designed by humans. 

Just in case you were worrying that the exponential progress in the field of robotics will kill many production jobs, here’s another story along the similar lines. The Google Brain artificial intelligence research group has created a new machine learning system that can design machine-learning software.

Surprisingly, when the software was compared with the ones written by humans, it surpassed their results.

According to MIT Tech Review, Jeff Dean, the leader of Google Brain research group, such efforts can increase the pace of the implementation of the machine-learning software in various fields of economy. It should be noted that companies pay a premium salary to the machine learning experts–a class of experts that are in short supply.

In their experiment, the researchers challenged their software to create machine learning systems. They say that such systems are currently “learning to learn.” They could also reduce the need for vast amounts of data used by machine learning software to give good results.LEARN MACHINE LEARNING SQUARE AD

Using their software, the Google Brain team created learning systems for different kinds of related problems. The system showed an ability to generalize and picks new tasks. To do so, the researchers used 800 high-powered GPUs.

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