Google Tracker “Gorgu” Will Take on Apple AirTags

But will it be as good as AirTags?

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Recently, we reported the concept art of a smart tracker if Google builds it, envisioned by the designer Obi Fidler. He gave it the most obnoxious name, “G Spot,” and the idea was to statically nudge Google to pay attention to the smart tracker industry.

But according to reliable leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, Google has already begun work on a smart tracker with multiple codenames, including “grogu,” “groguaudio,” or “GR10”.

How will the Google Tracker look design-wise?

Well, there’s not much to do with a smart tracker because of the simplicity of the device. It has a BLE and UWB technology chip and a small sparker to alert the user of its presence. Moreover, it needs to be compact enough to be carried in pockets, keyrings, or attached to bigger objects.

The durability of the design is a crucial component because people tend to misplace their stuff, and the tracker should be capable of handling a few tumbles. We don’t expect anything out of the box design-wise. Google can, however, play with color schemes and make them resemble other products like the Pixel or Nest devices.

Google tracker
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If you look at Kuba’s tweets, he directly references Mishal Rahman’s findings and adds his expectations from the upcoming Google tracker. Since the company already embeds UWB capabilities with the Pixel phones, creating a smart tracker with UWB can help to locate it more precisely.

Along with that, Google may also be working on bringing support for Fast-Pair based technology which Mishal mentioned. It would benefit OEMs to develop their tracker products as well. Kuba expects Google to announce the Smart tracker in the upcoming Google I/O event this year. Last year Google announced the Pixel 7 and the Pixel watch, both of which didn’t exactly sell like hotcakes. But that doesn’t make them bad devices at all. Google’s relentless innovation with the Tensor chip will ultimately carve a niche space for the phone and other related products.

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