Google Employees Are Losing Confidence In CEO Sundar Pichai

sundar pichai
sundar pichai

Google has been a company people would love to be a part of. However, a recent survey by the company throws light at a different picture, hinting at the trust issues that Google’s employees have in the company.

According to a report by The Bloomberg, a recently conducted survey by Google called Googlegeist suggests that when questioned about the confidence the employees have in CEO Sundar Pichai, 74% responded yes, which has dipped from 92% of last year’s survey.

The 18% dip in the employees’ positive response since last year is the lowest in confidence seen in the past six years at Google.

A similar decline in affirmative answers was seen when employees were asked about the work satisfaction and compensation paid to them, and more, with 54% responding in favor of Google as opposed to the 64% seen in 2018.

Additionally, questions about Pichai’s visions, decisions, strategies and Google’s right priorities had minor positive responses as compared to the previous survey.

Furthermore, Google added more questions to this year’s survey to bring out concerns regarding the management of the search giant.

Even though the survey did not have drastic negative answers to it, Google still needs to look into the declining number and figure out solutions to gain back the goodwill of its employees.

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