Google Chrome On Windows 10 To Soon Get Its Own Dark Mode

Google Chrome Dark Mode

In recent months, we have noticed that Google is very much obsessed with the Dark theme. Apart from the dark mode in the Android Pie launcher, Google is gradually adding the support to all its Google apps.

Along the similar lines, we will soon be seeing a dark mode option in Google Chrome for Windows 10 as well. Peter Kasting, a Google software engineer, mentioned in a Reddit post that “native dark mode support is in progress” for the desktop users.

Previously, Peter Kasting posted a bug report about the same on Google Chrome. The post, which has been given priority number two on the Chromium Bugs, says —

“Windows 10 allows users to set their apps to “light” or “dark” mode. Chrome should respect this. The most obvious hack is to use the default incognito color scheme in normal mode (as well as incognito) if the system is in dark mode. Long-term, we should perhaps have a better answer.”

Dark color on Google material design will not only look good on Google Chrome but will blend in perfectly with the Windows 10 dark theme. Not to mention, it will also lessen the blue light hazards that are continuously damaging our eyes.

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