Get Ark: Survival Evolved For FREE At Epic Games Store Until June 18

Ark Survival Evolved

Epic Games is again back with an amazing deal, now the platform is offering Ark: Survival Evolved for free. Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the best games ever by Epic Games. The original Price of the game is $13.99 but it will be available for free until June 18, 2020, on Epic Games Store.

Ark: Survival Evolved is based on the era when dinosaurs existed and the game world is called Ark. The game can be played in both first-person and third-person perspectives.

In the initial version of the game, only pre-historic creatures and real-world creatures were added. As of now, the game has included a lot of original and mythical creatures too. Apart from dinosaurs, the players will also find wild creatures like saber-toothed tiger, Doedicurus, dodo, meganeura, and more.

The game starts on an island selected by the user. The main goal is to collect accessories and weapons that can be used to kill some dinosaurs and other monstrous characters in the game.

To win the game, the player has to fight and defeat the bosses. These bosses are majorly mythical monsters like phoenix and manticore and a few original monsters including Velonasaur and Karkinos.

How To Download Ark: Survival Evolved For Free

  1. Install the Epic Games launcher from the official website.
  2. Open Epic Games store in any browser and log in to your account.
  3. Tap on the Get It Free button on the banner of Ark: Survival Evolved
  4. Now scroll down and tap the Get button in the Editions section
  5. Download the game from the Epic Launcher’s Library section.

By following the above-mentioned steps, anyone can download the game and experience a world of mythical monsters and creatures.

This not for the first time that the Epic Games store has come up with a popular game for free. Recently, one of the most popular games of all time GTA V was also available for free on the Epic Games Store.

However, if anyone wants to download Ark: Survival Evolved, it is suggested that they download it as soon as possible. Do not miss out on this great offer as the game is available for free until June 18, 2020.

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