Google Says Fuchsia OS Is A ‘New Take’ On Operating Systems


Details regarding Fuchsia OS still remain a mystery but Google has started to reveal more about its new operating system. Just a couple of days back, an executive mentioned Fuchsia on a list of platforms supported by Flutter.

Today, Fuchsia OS got the biggest confirmation from the company when Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer acknowledged Fuchsia publicly and shared some rare insights.

In a Vergecast interview, Lockheimer revealed the ultimate goal of Fuchsia. He described the new OS as an experiment on pushing the state of the art in terms of operating systems,” and incorporating the concept of Fuchsia into other products.

While discussing the same, he confirmed that Fuchsia is going to be a completely new OS, developed with the lessons learned from Android and Chrome OS.

Lockheimer further noted that Fuchsia OS is an experiment with different form factors as well — hinting at the possibility that Fuchsia is designed to run on IoT based products such as smart home devices, wearables, and maybe even AR/VR devices.

Although Fuchsia is touted as a project that would end up replacing both Android and Chrome OS, it seems that Google isn’t planning the same.

The senior VP thinks that “there’s a lot of room for multiple operating systems with different strengths and specializations,” further suggesting that Fuchsia could operate as the third wheel.

We can definitely say that there is a lot more about Fuchsia that would surprise us, so stay tuned to this space for more Fuchsia related info.

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