This Follow Me Suitcase Will Never Leave You At The Airport

follow me suitcase future suitcase
follow me suitcase future suitcase

follow me suitcase future suitcaseShort Bytes: A group of Lebanese students has developed a Follow Me suitcase which tracks its owner using a bunch of sensors attached to its brain, CPU in technical terms, and follows the owner accordingly.

It is a quotidian sight at the airports and railway stations, passengers loaded with heavy luggage moving here and there and obviously, you’re one of them. But, what if there is a smart suitcase that follows you like a pug follows the girl in a telecom commercial, wouldn’t it be more trouble-free?

A group of Lebanese students have come up with a suitcase of such kind, “Follow Me suitcase” they call it, is just behind you while you’re rushing through the crowd at those jam-packed airports. The follow me suitcase will save your time and all the workout you usually do before boarding your flight.

We are a team of five people and we invented a suitcase that follows you, without the need to push it. We had the idea when we were at Dubai’s airport and saw how people were having trouble carrying their heavy suitcases.

The Follow Me suitcase uses HD camera and infrared sensors to follow his master. There is a companion mobile app which can be used to locate your Follow Me suitcase, if it gets lost or if you want to manually control it, the app is there for you. So, the future has arrived, as a suitcase for now.

Have a look at this video and know more about the Follow Me Suitcase:

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