How This 8-Year-Old Developer Impressed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

student developer impresses satya nadella microsoft
student developer impresses satya nadella microsoft

student-developer-impresses-satya-nadella-microsoftShort Bytes: During his recent India visit, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met an 8-year-old app developer who impressed him with his vision of sustainability. This Mumbai-based student has designed an app named “Let There Be Light” that has “the sensibility that all of us need,” according to Microsoft CEO.

Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world and its CEO Satya Nadella is a person who is not easily impressed. During his recent India visit, he met various people, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, various officials, and emerging entrepreneurs.

However, something surprising happened when an 8-year-old Indian game developer impressed him by telling how to balance a sustainable future.

Here I’m talking about Medansh Mehta, a Mumbai-based student, who has designed an app named “Let There Be Light”. While touring the country, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella got to meet him and other students developers during an event.

The student developer left Microsoft CEO so fascinated that he mentioned the boy in his keynote speech and said that it was the “time where I felt the most inadequate”.

The student developer also asked Nadella questions on how to become the next Microsoft CEO. To which, Nadella replied, “You are already ambitious beyond being the next CEO.”

So, what is this game Medansh has been working upon?

The game “Let There Be Light” aims to create a sustainable development environment. In the game, the players need to build farms and factories to collect points while creating a new city, but they also need to focus on the environment and pollution. If you use renewable energy sources, you’ll earn extra points for yourself.

“The game has the sensibility that all of us need,” Nadella said.

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