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Of late, the use of devices (mostly smartphones) has become bothersome; we tend to use them a lot. As we adults can go haywire with its usage (we all know how Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp have become really dear to us), children ought to follow in our footsteps too. That’s when we need parental control to curb internet usage. 

Therefore, I am back with another app list wherein I will list down the best parental control apps in 2019 — for all the parents so that they keep an eye on how their kids use the smartphone.

How to monitor your kid’s phone?

Keeping an eye on your kid’s smartphone can be done in two ways; the first method is the traditional one wherein you go through the child’s device and try to figure out how they are using it. However, it has downsides such as (a) it’s a hassle, (b) it’s not accurate, and (c) you might not get to know the truth as there is an option called delete.

The second and smart way is to use a parental control app, and the following list will help you pick out one. Hence, read on to find out more:

9 Best Parental Control Apps In 2019 — Android and iOS

1. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control is an app to monitor kids’ phones and is one of the Norton apps, which provides various services to a user. The app requires you to sign up first (on both your and your child’s smartphone) and accept a couple of terms and conditions before you start.

Norton: best parental control apps

When setting up, you have to select the level of surveillance, which is different for different age groups. You can set up accounts for each of your children and both the accounts remain separate so that monitoring becomes easy.

Selecting any of the accounts will display three sections, namely Alerts, Activity (location, time on the smartphone, social media, video, apps, and more), and Rules. You can enable or disable the various rules set for phone monitoring. Additionally, the app allows you to lock your child’s devices if a need arises to do so.

  • Pros: Various activities can be tracked
  • Cons: Can lag sometimes
  • Availability: Android and iOS

2. Parental Controls and Kids GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids

The parental control app by Kaspersky has a familiar process of commencing; you are required to create an account and accept the various terms and conditions. Following this, you have to install the app on both your and your kid’s smartphone, so that it gets easier to keep a close eye on the child’s activities.

Kapersky: best parental control apps

The app has four sections: Summary, Alerts, Activities, Settings, and Additional for easy access to various options on the app. The free parental control app allows you to track your child’s location, internet usage, app usage, and more; you can enable these customizations as per your choice. 

In addition to this, you can set a pin or fingerprint authentication so that your app usage remains safe. You can even lock the app on your child’s device so that they don’t uninstall the app. Furthermore, the app can be upgraded to several plans to access new and enhanced features.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use app with loads of features
  • Cons: Takes a while to set up
  • Availability: Android and iOS

3. Qustodio

Qustodio is a parental monitoring app that allows parents to know about their child’s smartphone usage and even limit it. While keeping a close eye on your kid’s activities, you can use parental controls such as limiting the web, games, and apps’ usage. You can also block calls and messages, and track the kid’s social lifestyle and location. Additionally, you can set up a panic button in case of emergencies.

Qustodio: best parental control apps

To start, you have to accept the terms and conditions and sign in. Once you are done with this, you will be given an overview of the app for a better understanding. The app also provides you with a sample child so that you can get a gist of how it will work, which is why it can become the best free parental control app.

The app lists down all the activities of the child, the screen time and usage of each app, judging from which you allow or deny access to the apps. Additionally, the app can be upgraded to its premium version (which will be paid) for more features.

  • Pros: The sample child option
  • Cons: Lack of various features in the free version
  • Availability: Android and iOS

4. Google Family Link

Apart from building the Digital Wellbeing tool for Android smartphones, Google also has a parental control app for child phone monitoring.

The Google Family Link app allows you to set screen limits, set day or night usage restrictions, and allow or block apps as per your choice. The app, much like various apps to monitor child’s phone, requires you to agree to the terms and conditions, set up an account, and install the Google Family Link for children and teens app on your child’s device.

Google Family Link: best parental control apps


Additionally, the app allows you to customize the parental controls. While the app is easy to use and there isn’t much you have to do in order to use the parental controls, setting up the accounts can be a hassle as it took me a while to set it up and finally use it.

  • Pros: Clean UI
  • Cons: Long set up procedure
  • Availability: Android and iOS

5. MMGuardian

MMGuardian is another parental control app, which comes with a slew of features for cell phone monitoring for parents. This includes limiting app usage, blocking calls and messages, much like the Google Family Link app.

There’s also an option to filter out web content for the children. One interesting feature is the alerts feature, which will allow you to know if a new app is downloaded in the child’s device. This intriguing feature is the reason this app is on my best parental control apps list.

MMGuardian: best parental control apps

Additionally, the app has a feature that detects any inappropriate media is present on the device. To select any of its features, you just have to select the options present on the app and you are good to use them. However, there are some features that will only be enabled if you upgrade to the premium version of the app, by paying money.

  • Pros: Alerts feature
  • Cons: Some features are not enabled
  • Availability: Android and iOS

6. Safe Browser Parental Control

The Safe Browser Parental Control app provides you with parental controls on Android as well as iOS that primarily allows the tracking of adult or porn websites.

Hence, the app caters to one aspect of the smartphone usage, which is, the usage of websites. It helps you block porn or adult websites and lets you filter out websites by creating whitelists and blacklists of websites.

Safe Browser: best parental control apps

Furthermore, the app has a Child Lock feature, which lets you lock apps on your child’s device so that you can restrict the app’s usage. However, it requires you to download the Kids Place app on your child’s device. The app allows for cloud-based management for convenience of usage and enables voice-navigation, which is an easy way of using the app. Additionally, much like various other parental control apps, the app has a subscription option for added features.

  • Pros: Voice navigation
  • Cons: Caters for one feature
  • Availability: Android and iOS

7. Screen Time

The app lets you limit screen time, apart from providing a couple of Android and iPhone parental controls. The app follows the usual process of setting up; you have to sign in, download the app’s kid version on your child’s device and enter the provided pin to start using it.

Screen Time: best parental control apps

The app lets you keep track of your child’s smartphone usage and limit it accordingly. But the feature that sets it apart from other parental control apps is that it allows you to provide your child with tasks. If they perform the tasks well, they can get extra screen time to use apps. The tasks could include the homework or any chores you want them to do. This will eventually lead to a win-win situation for both you and the child.

Additionally, the app allows you to set pins, track the child’s location, upgrade to the paid version of the app and has a Free Play mode that allows the kid to use the device normally, without any restrictions.

  • Pros: Ability to set tasks
  • Cons: Enables limited options
  • Availability: Android and iOS

8. ESET Parental Control

This one is another parental control Android and iOS app in this list. The app is meant to see how your child uses the web and sets limitations on usage if you find something fishy.

Parental control app

Much like the various apps for parental control, ESET requires you to create your profile and download the app on your kid’s device so that tracking is easy. The app is divided into four main sections: Home, Locator, Rules, and Devices.

Upon conducting the whole setup process, you can track your child’s activities and restrict usage accordingly. From the Locator section, you can go for location tracking. Additionally, the app has a premium version to enable features such as web tracking and reports that summarize the child’s activities in a month.

  • Pros: Simple UI
  • Cons: Restriction on some features
  • Availability: Android

9. FamilyTime

FamilyTime is another app to monitor your child’s smartphone usage and provides you with a couple of features to do so. This is the reason it can be considered the best free parental control app for iPhone and Android.

FamilyTime: best parental control apps

After following the usual process of signing up, you just have to add your child to the app and start monitoring their activities. The app also requires you to download the kids’ version on your child’s device. You can view the summary of the device usage, go to settings to change them, and even set a pin for your child’s device.

Apart from tracking and setting screen time limits, you can even talk to the support to get some help from the experts. Additionally, you can track the location of your child.

  • Pros: Talk to support feature
  • Cons: Monotonous
  • Availability: Android and iOS

There is Parental Control Software too!

In addition to the aforementioned list of best free parental control app for Android and iPhone, there is parental control software as well. It comes from the Norton family, Qustodio, Kaspersky, and more.

If the software is your deal, you can head to the company’s respective website and download one to yourself for your child’s phone monitoring.

Best free parental control app for Android 2019 (iOS too)

Since it’s important to know how your child uses the smartphone (you need to protect them from cybercrime and more), I hope my list of best parental control apps is able to help you keep a close eye on your child.

As a reminder, there are various such apps on the app stores and my list of top parental control apps includes the popular ones with good ratings.

Do let me know which parental control app is your favorite and if you have any suggestions to make, please let us know.

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