Atlas Recall — This Search Engine Remembers Everything Your Computer Has Ever Displayed


Short Bytes: Atlas Recall is a search engine for your computer that remembers everything that’s ever been on your computer. This software scans your files, emails, browsing history, chats, documents etc. and stores the information on its secure servers. As one performs a search, the search engine shows a “photographic memory of your digital life.”

Every passing day, we keep seeing more and more digital content. Our brain keeps storing them, deleting them, altering them, and sharing them with others. Out of these processes, the forgetting part happens most often.

To make remembering the different elements of your online life easier, Seattle-based Atlas Informatics has launched Atlas Recall. It’s basically a search engine that lets you search for anything that’s been ever displayed on your computer screen. You can consider it a personal assistant that keeps taking screenshots of everything you do on your PC.

Some of you might compare it with the universal search option in Windows 10, Mac’s Spotlight, or Google’s My Activity page. In a demo to CNNMoney, Atlas Informatics founder and CEO Jordan Ritter showed that Atlas Recall displays personalized search results from the app, Google, or desktop search. Wondering about your websites, Slack chats, Spotify playlists, Netflix movies? Well, Altas Recall has got everything covered.

For instance, if you search for the word “flight”, Atlas Recall will display your upcoming and past flights, your emails mentioning the same, websites for flight booking, pictures and videos of flights, and a lot more. Search for stuff like “wedding” and get ready for richer information.

Apart from searching by keyword, you can search stuff by type and time. You can click on any item to get a bigger preview. Simply click on the download button to open the file in all its glory.

After getting installed on your computer, Atlas starts browsing your favorite docs, web pages, emails, chats, etc. and tells you when it has enough for you to search anything.

The privacy bug has landed somewhere in your mind, I know. Ritter, one of the co-founders of Napster, says that all the data is encrypted while it’s transferred and stored in Atlas Cloud servers. You can take control of your data and stop Atlas from reading or indexing particular links, files, apps, emails etc.

At the moment, the beta version of Atlas Recall is available for Macs running macOS Sierra or OS X El Capitan. There’s an iPhone app too, but it doesn’t index the items on your iPhone. The company is already working on a Windows 10 version of the desktop search engine.

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