This Arduino-Powered “Time Machine” Glove Freezes Things Like A Boss

Did you ever think about stopping things just by waving your hand? Well, probably, many times after getting some Hollywood adrenaline.

A YouTuber named MadGyver might have thought the same more often than most of us. So, as a part of his new hack, he turned his gym glove into an Arduino-controlled time stopping glove that makes things ‘appear’ to come to a halt within a fraction of a second.

But do pay attention to the word ‘appear.’ The glove throws a strobe light on the fan, clock, and water droplets which gives the illusion that things are just pausing in real-time. The speed of the strobe light is synced with that of the fan using the motion sensors present on the glove.

The time-stopping glove might not allow us to freeze objects for real. But yes, it’s a neat magician’s trick that would surely convince viewers to have a second or third look. So, follow the DIY instructions in the video and amaze your friends.

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