Explore Mars Using NASA’s Mars Trek On Phone and Browser

Gale Crater Mars Trek
Gale Crater Mars Trek


For all those who are the ardent followers of the space exploration programs worldwide or just like to know about regions beyond Earth, NASA has launched a web-based portal for the Earthlings that allows to take a virtual tour of the Red planet. Recently NASA was in news for building first aircraft to fly on Mars.

Named as Mars Trek, it showcases high-resolution data collected by the NASA so that you can explore the Martian surface both in 2-D and 3-D. We have had previously, only the images sent by the satellites which were no doubt very helpful but not that creative.

NASA has bookmarked the important locations for the users. Like the Gale Crater, where the NASA’s famed rover Curiosity landed on 5th August 2012, along with other mountains and valleys of historical significance. You can also zoom into the map and adjust the angle to change from equatorial to polar views.


The Mars Trek provides you tools to analyze profiles on the surface of the planet as well as the position of various objects in space. STL files can also be downloaded from the portal to print out the 3-D models of the places of your choice.

NASA has come up with this idea so as give the first-hand information to the students and the general public about Mars. Also, people would have an easy access to NASA’s missions and its investigations. The space research organization is planning to release more technical information for the researchers and the advanced students.

NASA should do the same for other celestial objects too as this is quite an interesting way to give scientific knowledge to kids. You might as well call it Google Mars.

Check out the official NASA website below and look yourself.

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Source: NASA Mars Trek

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