Apple Music Student Plan Gets A Price Hike In These Regions

Apple Music Student Plans Get A Price Hike In These Regions
Image: Apple

Apple Music Student Plan will get a little costlier for many users across the globe. The company has increased the prices of the student plan. Apple didn’t make an official statement about the price surge for students.

Students will have to shell out a tiny bit more to enjoy Apple Music, which offers a humongous library of audio content. It seems that Apple is following in the footsteps of Spotify, which also raised the prices of student plans last year.

How much will Apple Music student plan cost now?

There isn’t any official press release from Apple confirming the price hike for student plans. However, 9to5Mac spotted a tweet from a South African that informed about the price hike. In South Africa, the Apple Music Student Plan costs $1.49 per month. The new email highlights that the revised pricing for the next month would be $1.99.

The email also mentions the methods to unsubscribe from Apple Music if the user wants to. However, the price surge is not that big if we compare it with Spotify student plans.

In a nutshell, if you are currently on the Apple Music student plan, you will have to shell out a lot more than you used to do before.

Countries That Will See a Price Hike

MacRumors confirmed that the price hike isn’t limited to the South African region. Students residing in Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Israel, and Kenya may also see a price hike.

The list isn’t exhaustive and there could be more countries that see a bump in the prices of student plans.

Apple Music student plan
Image: Apple

The prices for the student plan in the U.S. seem to be unaffected. Apple Music Student Plan costs $4.99 which is half of the regular plan’s cost. This price increase could be a part of pushing subscribers to Apple One, which offers access to numerous Apple services under one roof.

Meanwhile, Apple delayed the work-from-office policy due to a rise in covid cases. Do you use Apple Music Student Plan? Will you stay subscribed after the price surge? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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