5 New AI-powered Android P Features That’ll Make Your Phone “Smarter”

Android P 9.0 Developer Preview

Over the past decade, Android has become the world’s most popular operating system. Given how Google is integrating AI into every possible scenario, it would be unfair to keep Android away.

At I/O 2018, Google called Android P the important first step towards a new AI-focused Android operating system. Let’s tell you more about new AI-powered features coming to Android P:

New AI-powered Android P features

Adaptive Battery:

Adaptive Battery uses on-device machine learning to guess your app usage patterns. The company found a 30% reduction in CPU app wakeups for an increase in battery life. Google DeepMind powers it.

Adaptive Brightness:

The new Adaptive Brightness feature of Android P changes screen brightness as per your preferences to save battery and time. Now, Android P predicts what brightness level you’ll like and does it for you.

More efficient UI:

App Actions feature have been introduced to Android P based on your usage pattern. For example: if you connect your earphones, Android will suggest to resume playback of the last album.


Slices is an API to define interactive snippets for app developers. First integrated into Google Search, Slices will be open to early access beginning next month.

ML Kit:

With ML Kit, devs will get on-device APIs for different smart actions like text recognition, image recognition, and more. It’s cross-platform, and it runs on iOS and well as Android.

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