A World Without Linux – A World Without Any Direction (Episode 2)

worldwithoutlinux 945x400
worldwithoutlinux 945x400

worldwithoutlinux-945x400Short Bytes: In the second episode of “A World Without Linux” web series, the Linux Foundation tries to show off the power of Linux and how it’s used to power the internet and connected devices. Watch the video below and share your views.

This week we are here with the Linux Foundation’s second episode of A World Without Linux web series. The first episode of series showed that Linux powers the Internet we use in our daily life.

The episode continues to show how importance Linux is in our lives by calling “the world without Linux a world without direction.

In the video, it’s shown that no Linux means no GPS navigation device – hence no mapping apps. the video shows that the protagonists of the web series are lost and headed to the deadly Bermuda triangle.

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The Linux Foundation describes: “Without GPS on your phone, finding your way is hard. In a world without Linux, we’d all be lost.”

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