Xiaomi Denies Rumors Of Closing Down Bootloader Unlocking

Remdmi Note 6 Pro Fornt Side

Xiaomi smartphones always come with Unlock Bootloader option, but lately, there were some rumors of the company shutting down bootloader unlocking service.

Although Xiaomi’s bootloader unlocking process can be irritating due to several reasons like the long waiting times, anti-rollback protection measures, and out-of-region MIUI restrictions, it still presents an option to power users who own Xiaomi phones.

In fact, the combination of bootloader unlocking functionality along with decent performance and low prices have made Xiaomi phones an attractive option for several users. Some of their phones like Redmi Note 4 and the Mi A1 have a large developer community for them.

So when the news of the company closing down bootloader unlocking their devices started doing rounds, several Xiaomi fans became concerned.

They feared that Xiaomi would follow Huawei’s footsteps and block popular devices like the Xiaomi Mi A2, Redmi Note 5 Pro, and the POCO F1 from rooting, installing TWRP, or AOSP-based custom ROMs.

But thankfully Xiaomi has shut down all such rumors at once by announcing on Twitter that Xiaomi devices will remain bootloader unlockable and asked users not to believe in fake news.

If this news were to be true, it would have been a major setback for the developer community that targets Xiaomi’s budget and mid-range devices. But it is nice to see the company speak publicly in favor of independent custom development and we appreciate it.

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