What To Expect From Apple WWDC 2018? — Biggest Rumours And Speculations

WWDC 2018 Rumors
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Apple fanboys and enthusiasts around the world are geared up for WWDC 2018. In the much-anticipated World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple showcases its advancements in software and rolls out new technologies for developers to help them build applications around them.

The event majorly focuses on software, but Apple has used the even many times before to present hardware devices as well. For example, in the WWDC 2017, Apple announced HomePod Speakers, iMac Pro, and a new version of iPad.

This year, WWDC 2018 begins on June 4 with a traditional keynote at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

Things We Can Expect from Apple WWDC 2018

While the event has major focus on rolling out software updates for iPhones, iPads, MacBook, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, we can also expect following announcements from Apple this year:

iOS 12

  • iOS 12 is the confirmed announcement Apple will make in this event. It is deemed that the new edition of iPhone software (expectedly iOS 12) will focus on bringing qualitative changes over quantitative ones. After last year’s update, Apple received complaints from users about intentional slowing down of the older versions of iPhone to force a push towards new models. The tech giant will try to ensure that the new update is devoid of any such bugs and glitches.
  • Many reports have emerged which suggest that Apple is working to advance the features of NFC to use the technology for public transit payments and unlocking smart doors.
  • We can see new gesture-based controls and animojis that were introduced last year in iPhone X.
  • It is also expected that Apple will introduce new parental control features to help parents track the time spent by their children on the device.
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macOS 10.14

  • Apple can unveil a new software version to succeed MacOS High Sierra. No speculations have been made regarding the name of the update.
  • It has been rumored that MacOS 10.14 will bring “universal app” which means that apps built for iOS platform will be compatible with MacOS platform.

MacBook Pro

  • The event can be used to launch a revamped model of MacBook Pro which will be based on Intel’s latest 8th generation processors.

watchOS 5

  • Rumors for a new WatchOS are scant to predict anything but it is expected that the new OS would bring the option to add new Watch face and Apple can bring Face recognition technology to the watch.
  • Improvements in health sensors in Apple Watch are also rumored.

tvOS 12

iPhone SE 2

  • Rumors regarding a new 4-inch iPhone model (possibly named as iPhone SE 2) are on the rise. This could be the successor to iPhone SE and could feature A10 Fusion Chip for people who are looking forward to inexpensive alternates of iPhone X.

iPad Pro

  • Since the Pro model of iPad was not unveiled this year’s Apple’s Chicago event, therefore, it is likely that iPad Pro could be announced in WWDC 2018. The rumored iPad could feature FaceID unlocking option and bezel-less display.


  • Apple is lacking behind in the competition of smart assistants with Google and Amazon equipping their smart assistants with intuitive features. Siri can get a major boost in functionality at the event to compete with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Apple is expected to announce the launch date and price of AirPower, a wireless charging mat, that was unveiled along with iPhone X.

Apple has an official WWDC app to see the schedule of events that are lined up.

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