Winter Is Coming: Scientists Predict Mini Ice Age In Next 15 Years

winter si coming ice age
winter si coming ice age


How “cool” it would be if we could live and survive through an ice age! Though, not that relentless and bitter cold, but somewhat bearable. For those who are still confused regarding the prospect of living in an ice age, listen to this: ‘Earth had been through such conditions before too. It was called Maunder minimum and it happened 370 years before.’

A recent study of the Sun’s solar cycle suggests that we might be on our way to a mini ice age in the next 15 to 20 years. The research by Prof Valentina Zharkova presents a new model for our Sun’s cycle, which accurately predicts the irregularities within the Sun’s 11-year heartbeat. The model is based on the Dynamo Effect in the two layers of the Sun. This is the same Dynamo Effect that explains the origin of Earth’s magnetic field.

Solar activity varies over a cycle through time and each cycle is different from the other. Solar cycles have long been a topic of study and research since none of the previously existing models could explain the fluctuations in the cycles. Earlier models were based on the theory of a single dynamo forming at the core of the Sun. However, in the new model, the research team added another dynamo which was closer to the surface and got pretty accurate results.

The researchers matched their results with the previous known and recorded solar activities from 1976-2008. Average sunspot numbers that are considered to be a remarkable feature of a solar activity also matched the new model.

As the model defines two dynamo systems working inside the Sun, so they are predicting two resulting magnetic fields that would mirror each other in the opposite hemispheres of the Sun. However, there would be a destructive interference.

So going by the accuracy of the model, Zharkova and her team has predicted that the Sun’s activity in the cycle from 2030-2040 would be little sluggish. It will be a time of Solar minima and if the waves are completely out of phase then conditions of a mini ice age will be offset on Earth.

So Be Prepared Folks. WINTER IS COMING.

Source: RAS

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