10 Reasons Why People Use A News API Like Mediastack

mediastack news api
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Mediastack gathers news data every minute from more than 7,500 popular sources across various categories, including business, sports, education, and many more. 

Mediastack is a powerful and easy-to-use REST API interface. When linked to a scripting language like Python, you can find thousands of news articles on any relevant or trending topic.  

News is delivered to you within milliseconds and in JSON format. It is very programmatically usable in any software or website project. 

Whatever your reason for needing the news, mediastack is a clean way to access the type of news you need when you need it.  It is a better solution than creating complex and expensive web scraping processes.

Many clients of mediastack use automated news searches to help them free up human resources to focus on the more valuable work.

  1. Avoid Censorship

In certain countries, some search engines and websites may be blocked. Mainstream news sources are censored, there may be a lack of diversity of content, lack of impartial views.  

International clients that need to stay abreast of the news may use mediastack to ensure that they can validate the reliability of the information from many trustworthy sources.

  1. Build a niche news alert

You may know someone who is away from home. They may find it hard to keep abreast of local news back home. 

With 13 languages and thousands of news feeds that can be filtered by keyword, you can show the news from places that matter to them, making you the perfect virtual assistant.

  1. Industry Knowledge

Whether you are investing or developing medtech, environmental tech, almost every industry leader appreciates knowing the achievements of competitors making headline news. 

You don’t need to pay a Virtual Assistant to do hours of Googling.  

Get the relevant news direct to their inbox by using mediastack to monitor the keywords and competitors that matter.

  1. Freelance writers

Freelance journalists love mediastack. It helps them scan the news for stories that are important to them. For example, a freelance journalist might specialize in writing on specific topics, such as crypto, sport, or environment. 

Using a few simple Python scripts, they can get the inside scoop on emerging news stories and create their opinion piece on current affairs for their publishers.

  1. Traders

Every month, there are large movements in the Foreign Exchange markets as a direct result of economic news announcements. As a result, more traders are adopting news-based trading strategies.  

Large institutional traders use News-based trading and private traders to make huge returns each year. News APIs such as mediastack give these traders the edge before other traders are alerted in local news.

Many people looking to work remotely from home take online trading courses that teach them how to profit from economic news announcements each week. 

A news API that you can programmatically automate to work with keywords and flag signals that traders are looking for gives them the edge.

  1. Software Developers

With more traders trading the news, more software developers build trading bots for them. 

They are using sentiment analysis to build automated trading bots and news sentiment analysis to stop algorithmic trading Systems when specific Macroeconomic Events are expected.

Some developers even scan news APIs to develop Natural Language Processing models to predict future stock prices.

  1. Sentiment Analysis & Natural Language Processing Models

Many machine learning students, at some stage, will do sentiment analysis. While many sentiment analysis projects may use social media APIs, there are no guarantees that access to social media APIs will be granted.  Social Media best practices constantly change and are influenced by regulations such as GDPR.  

However, anyone can get permission to use a News API. News API has a lot of communication data that enables data scientists to build sentiment analysis and natural language processing models.

  1. Build a niche Crypto Currency News Site or even a niche Sports News Site

Wouldn’t it be cool to automatically build a website that shows niche news? 

You can quickly build one powered by a News API.  Get an automated income from banner adverts while the News API takes care of curating the content relevant to your chosen keywords and languages.

  1. Vetting and Brand Monitoring

Many companies need to keep track of what is said about them. Mediastack is just one tool a company might choose to keep track of what others are saying about them or what might be being told about their employees / potential employees in the news.

  1. Authors and historians

Mediastack doesn’t just supply you with the current news – you can go back over historical articles for information you need.

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