Samsung Launches New ViewFinity S8 Monitor In 32 And 27-Inch Sizes

Samsung Launches New ViewFinity S8 Monitor In 32 And 27-Inch Sizes
Image: Samsung

Samsung announced the Samsung ViewFinity S8 monitor aimed at creators and graphic designers. The monitor will be available in two sizes; 27 inches and 32 inches.

The company defines the ViewFinity series as a product that offers lifelike image and color production. It aims to redefine the high-resolution monitor segment.

Samsung ViewFinity S8: Specifications

It is an impressive sight with two screen sizes. The Samsung ViewFinity S8 monitor outputs 4K resolution in both screen sizes. The 32-inch one supports HDR 600 while the smaller one supports HDR 400. Both of them sport an IPS panel with a DCI coverage of 98%. Moreover, both of them have a response time of 5ms which is decent for an IPS panel.

Both the monitors are Pantone-certified displays with impeccable color production and come with intelligent eye care. It includes useful features like eye saver mode and flicker mode. These features come in handy for creators who have to stare at the screen for hours.

Samsung ViewFinity S8
Image: Samsung

The monitor comes with a single HDMI and a single Display Port. Apart from that, it offers a USB Type-C port with support for 90 W power charging. There’s also an Ethernet port on the UL-verified glare-free display. Samsung claims that the monitor uses recycled materials which is an effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

ViewFinity is the summation of Samsung’s goal to deliver the most precise and functional monitors to businesses who require pinpoint accuracy and consistency throughout their work,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung ViewFinity S8 series monitors are surely meant for serious content creators where each color or shade matters. It is certainly not for gamers and is meant for strictly work purposes only. However, enjoying an HDR video could be one of the leisure activities on this monitor.

Samsung plans to put these monitors on the market by the end of June. The launch dates will vary according to the region.

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