5 Compelling Reasons You Might Go Back To The Office

5 Compelling Reasons You Might Go Back To The Office
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The work-from-home revolution was born out of the pandemic, but is it really here to stay? It certainly looks that way. As of 2022, 26% of U.S. employees now work remotely, which is four times the number who worked remotely before. By 2025, there could be as many as 36.2 million Americans working remotely.

On the whole, remote workers are less stressed (57%), have improved morale (54%), take fewer sick days (50%), and, most importantly, report having a better work-life balance (75%). 

Despite these very positive statistics, some companies would still like employees to return to the office either full-time or in a hybrid capacity. And they’re also finding some pretty interesting and creative ways to do it. 

5 ways that might entice you to go back to the office. Some might surprise you.

1. More plants in the workplace

Yes, you read that correctly! Many employers are turning to biophilic design in a bid to get employees back in their office cubicles. There is, however, a method in the plant madness. 

Global research by commercial real estate services company JLL found that 41% of workers put outdoor spaces in their top three expectations of a well-being-oriented workplace. It’s said to help boost morale while lowering stress. 

Many top tech companies are getting on board. Google’s St. John’s Terminal building in New York is being hailed as a “biophilic office community,” while Amazon’s HQ2 in Virginia will be surrounded by a helix of trees, outdoor hiking trails, and a dog walking park.

2. Mentorship opportunities

It has been recently suggested that learning, development, and networking would be good ways to attract people, especially young workers, back to the office. 

Many members of Gen Z would like to return to the office, at least for part of the time, so they can learn from more senior members of their team. These young professionals in their early twenties missed out on many opportunities during the pandemic, so it’s not surprising that they want the experience of working in an office.

3. A Promise of privacy

Not everyone has an ideal work-from-home environment. We don’t all have a dedicated room to work in or can work uninterrupted for hours on end. Many people can be lured back to the office with the promise of a quiet work environment or breakaway rooms to take calls. 

Research by Steelcase found that 61% of people want privacy to get their work done. Employees want spaces where they can concentrate and a door they can close when they need to, even if it’s not their own. 

4. Decorating stipend

When working from home, employees can personalize their workspaces in whatever way they choose. They can add a standing desk, stick up pictures, pick a stylish chair or add as many plants as they like. 

To soften the blow of returning to the office, many employers are giving staff a stipend so they can make their office space their own and add any special touches that make their workspace feel inviting.

5. Free food

As much as we like to think we’re fully evolved, sophisticated human beings, we also have very simple wants and needs. Free food in the office is always going to be a crowd-pleaser. Many companies will be turning to work perks such as free snacks, catered lunches, or even team dinners to entice people back to their desks. But is it enough to lure the workforce back to the office? Time will tell.

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By Pippa Hardy

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