Pay What You Want for This 7-Course Web Hacker Bundle

web hacker
web hacker

web-hackerShort Bytes: Today, we are bringing to you the Web Hacker Bundle that will teach you everything from scratch and make you a full-stack web developer. This pack contains 7 courses and you can grab them by paying what you want via fossBytes Deals.

For making an online platform, you must be having the knowledge of both the front-end and back-end development. To learn how to code and building things for the web, there is no better way to kick-off things than our Web Hacker Bundle.

This 7-course pack is available via fossBytes deals and you can grab it by paying what you want. The course offers 73 hours of tutorials and covers every aspect of website design, bootstrap framework, making dynamic websites and a lot more.

The included courses are:

1. Learn Web Programming in Django & Python
2. Learn Bootstrap Development by Building 10 Projects
3. Projects in JavaScript & JQuery
4. Projects in PHP & MySQL
5. Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects
6. Learn Docker from Scratch
7. Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch

How does Pay What You Want work: With “Pay What You Want” bundles, you can get something amazing for as little as you want to pay. And if you beat the average price, you’ll get the complete Web Hacker Bundle.

Get started with this 7-course bundle by clicking on the link below:

       – Web Hacker Bundle


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