Pay What You Want for This 8-Course Back-End Developer Bundle

CoM PWYW Backend Master Bundle
CoM PWYW Backend Master Bundle

Backend_Master_BundleShort Bytes: Today, we are bringing to you the Back-End Developer Bundle that will teach you everything about building your own websites and apps. This pack contains 8 courses and you can grab them by paying what you want.

While talking about web design and the new trends arriving on the scene, we forget about the back-end code that runs all the games and apps. So, if you are interested in building your own apps and websites, you can grab this Back-End Developer Bundle by paying what you want.

This Back-End Developer Bundle includes a variety of courses, ranging from Python, Ruby, and PHP. With these eight courses and 95 hours of training content, you will learn everything from scratch.

You’ll find this bundle helpful even if you are just a beginner in the programming world. With this course, you get the liberty to start everything at your own pace and become the master of these three key back-end languages.

And, 10% of the profits from purchases will go to Project HOPE. This charitable organization delivers essential supplies and medical assistance to disaster affected areas.

Take a look the complete bundle:

  1. Learn Useable PHP in 14 Days Course
  2. PHP for Absolute Beginners Course
  3. Learn PHP Programming from Scratch Course
  4. Beginner Python & Django Programming Course
  5. Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery Course
  6. Intermediate Python Course
  7. Python for Beginners
  8. Ruby Programming for Beginners

How does Pay What You Want work: With “Pay What You Want” bundles, you can get something amazing for as little as you want to pay. And if you beat the average price, you’ll get the complete Back-End Developer Bundle.

Are you ready to get started?

Grab it here on fossBytes Deals: Back-End Developer Bundle

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