New NVIDIA Driver 440.64 Released With Linux Kernel 5.6 Support

New NVIDIA Driver 440.64 Released With Linux Kernel 5.6 Support

Weeks ago, Linus Torvalds closed the merge window for Kernel 5.6 with a bulk of changes such as GeForce RTX 2000 Turing support and fixed the Year 2038 problem.

To enable high-quality display and faster performance, NVIDIA announced a new driver 440.64 with initial support for Linux Kernel 5.6 and other GPUs.

NVIDIA 440.64 is a new stable driver in the long-lived 440 series. It adds support for two NVIDIA graphic processing units, GeForce MX330 and GeForce MX350.

Among the bug fixes, the latest driver also resolves the DPMS (display power management signaling) mode issue.

Apart from the GPUs, 440.64 is now available for the upcoming Linux kernel 5.6 which will most probably be released at the end of April. However, you can test the driver on the release candidate of Kernel 5.6.

How To Install NVIDIA Driver 440.64?

You can download any graphics driver from your distribution’s package management. Most of the Linux distros provide their own packages in their distribution’s native software center.

Since 440.64 is a new release, you may not find it in your distro package. Hence, you need to download it from the official site here.

Note: If you’re SuSE user, you’re required to read the SuSE NVIDIA installer from here before downloading.

After downloading, open terminal and move to the directory containing the driver. Then, run the following command to install the driver. Also, make sure you’re logged in as a root user.

sh ./

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