5 New & Fun Google Doodle Games You Should Try Out!

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We all know Google as the search engine behemoth, providing access to every information we want. And while the company isn’t primarily a game developer, its Doodle game series has always offered a fun way to pass the time. Google uses these games to educate about important events and provide valuable information while keeping it entertaining and straightforward. Here are five fun and new Doodle games you should try out:

5. Coding for Carrots

Screenshot of the coding for carrots game

As the name implies, Coding for Carrots is a playful programming game that uses a rabbit and carrots to teach basic programming skills. Although this game may not be for adults, it’s an excellent starting point for kids to learn essential problem-solving skills while helping the rabbit collect its precious carrots. Moreover, the game becomes progressively challenging and introduces new concepts as players advance.

4. Pani Puri

For those from South Asia, Pani Puri needs no introduction. However, for others, Pani Puri is a popular Indian snack filled with boiled chickpeas or white pea mixture and dipped in tangy or spicy water. In the game, you play the role of a pani puri salesman tasked with serving customers promptly before they leave. Similar to Candy Crush, you must click on the desired item once you receive an order.

3. Garden Gnomes

Screenshot of the Garden Gnomes Google doodle game

Perhaps the most enjoyable Google game on the list, Garden Gnomes follows the story of these whimsical figures. The main goal is to populate the garden with garden gnomes. Similar to Angry Birds, you must use a trebuchet to launch a garden gnome as far as possible to achieve the highest score. Additionally, you can use boosts to propel the object even further.

2. Scoville

Screenshot of the Scoville Google doodle game

If you’ve ever tried spicy food, you might be familiar with the Scoville scale, which categorizes different chilis by their heat levels. The doodle game pits you against these chilis, challenging you to fend them off with three scoops of ice cream. To throw these scoops effectively, you need to right-click when the slider is perfectly centered.

1. Celebrating Pétanque

Pètanque is an old French sport where two teams or individuals take turns throwing metal balls toward a central target. The winner in this Google Doodle game is determined by who can throw the ball closest to the target. The “Celebrating Pétanque” game allows multiple users to form teams of two and compete against each other in this game, offering some of the best multiplayer fun.

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