ISRO To Launch An On-Demand Satellite Launch Service

IRNSS-1I Spacecraft

Indian Space Research Organization aka ISRO will reportedly launch an on-demand service for satellites weighing up to 500 Kg at max. The small satellites will be carried by a new rocket that could be prepared for flight within 72 hours.

The rocket, known as “Small Satellite Launch (SSLV) Vehicle” would carry small payloads such as student-built space science payload and more, as told by ISRO officials to The Telegraph India. SSLV’s first flight is scheduled for July 2019.

Apart from this, ISRO also plans to use SSLV for bolstering India’s rapid surveillance capabilities.  V. Siddhartha, a space and defense research expert said:

“A launch-on-demand service would add to our existing space-based remote-sensing assets — what might be called a bespoke surveillance capability — tailored to specific military or civilian requirement as it arises.”

ISRO officials believe that the launching small satellites will help the military to monitor short short-armed conflicts along India’ borders. Moreover, it will help them asses the magnitude of natural disasters.

This year, ISRO plans to conduct the testing of the reusable launch vehicle (RLV), a vehicle designed to deliver payloads on the Earth’s lower orbit and return back to the ground safely.

Last year, Indian space organization launched GSAT-11 satellite into the French spaceport, the heaviest satellite launched by ISRO up to date.

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